Honey, life was sweet in 1967…

Gourmet, January 1967

What was the last time you used two cups of sugar to make a simple vanilla cake? I haven`t done that in a long time. The Bundt Cake (Gourmet, January 1967) came out sweet. Way. Too. Sweet. Then I made Baba de Moça (October 1967), a Brazilian dessert, and followed the recipe verbatim. A big mistake!

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What I`m cooking this weekend…

Spongecake Felix, May 1967

Apricot Whipped Cream, July 1967

Bundt Cake, January 1967

Baba de Moça (a Brazilian dessert), October 1967

Avocado Sherbet, February 1967

Avocado and Bacon Sandwich, February 1967

Kouzou Kzartma Iran (an Armenian lamb stew), June 1967

Herbed Green Beans, June 1967

I too have lofty intentions and little kitchen sense

Let me tell you what I have in mind for September here at 30recipes30days: 

I want to (try to) cook 30 recipes from 6 vintage Gourmet magazines I bought on Ebay. They are from 1967! That`s fifty years ago!  

How did I think this up? Well… One thing led to another, then another…

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